wholesale dried red chili rings 1-3mm

Short Description:

Red chili rings are made from dried chili peppers which are cut into little circles. This way they are particularly easy to use for cooking.

Pleasantly mild chili rings are ideal for Italian pasta dishes as well as Arabic, Mexican and Asian cuisine.
We also recommend using our Red Chili Rings for preparing and garnishing spicy and sweet dishes such as salsas, chutneys, rice dishes, soups and sauces.

Decorate dishes with striking red chili rings and you have a beautiful way to add color to your dining table.

Our Pepper Rings are a premium blend of spicy crushed red pepper shaped into rings, adding a fiery kick and vibrant color to your dishes.

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Our Pepper Rings are perfect for seasoning pizzas, sandwiches, salads, soups, and more. They add a touch of spice to any dish and complement many cuisines.


Our Pepper Rings offer several advantages over other pepper products on the market. Firstly, they are made from high-quality spicy red peppers, ensuring a more intense and flavorful experience. Secondly, our Pepper Rings are carefully crafted to ensure optimal size and texture, making them a versatile ingredient for many different dishes. Lastly, our product is packaged in an air-tight container, ensuring long-lasting freshness and flavor.


Our Pepper Rings are characterized by their high heat level and bold flavor profile. They are also eye-catching with their bright color, adding visual appeal to any dish they are added to. They are perfect for those who love a bold and spicy kick, and they offer a unique twist on traditional crushed red pepper flakes.

Process flow

raw materials -- sorting and desquamation -- wind cleaning and crushing -- seed removal -- roller mill (roller mill) -- screening (vibrating screen) -- drying (shelf dryer) -- screening (vibrating screen) -- visual sorting (secondary sorting) -- metal detection (Fe 0.5 φ、 SUS 1.0 φ)--- Quality inspection (color, taste, granularity, spiciness, moisture, etc.) - weighting and packaging - warehousing

Technical Data

Product details Specification
Product name Chilli rings Yunnan chili
Mesh size 2 mm
Color value 160 asta
Mositure 12% Max
Package 10kg per carton with pp liner
Pungency 20000-25000SHU
Aflatoxin B1<5ppb, B1+B2+G1+G<10ppb2
Ochratoxin 15ppb max
Samlmonella Negative
Feature 100% Nature, No Sudan Red, No additive.
Shelf life 24months
Storage kept in cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid mositure, store at room temperature.
Quality based on EU standard
Quantity in container 15mt/20GP, 24mt/40GP, 26mt/HQ

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