what is the chili powder used for ?

news_img01Chili powder (also spelled chile, chilli, or, alternatively, powdered chili) is the dried, pulverized fruit of one or more varieties of chili pepper, sometimes with the addition of other spices (in which case it is also sometimes known as chili powder blend or chili seasoning mix). It is used as a spice (or spice blend) to add pungency (piquancy) and flavor to culinary dishes. In American English, the spelling is usually “chili”; in British English, “chilli” (with two “l”s) is used consistently.

Chili powder is used in many different cuisines, including American (particularly Tex-Mex), Chinese, Indian, Bangladeshi, Korean, Mexican, Portuguese, and Thai. A chili powder blend is the primary flavor in American chili con carne.
Chili powder is very commonly seen in traditional Latin American, west Asian and east European cuisines. It is used in soups, tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, curries and meat.

Chili can also be found in sauces and curry bases, such as chili con carne. Chili sauce can be used to marinate and season things such as meat.

I’d like to reopen the conversation about chili (chilli) powder vs chile powder. These are not the same thing and should not be used interchangeably as the opening of the article suggests. Chile powder is made exclusively from ground dried chiles while chili powder is a mix of several spices including ground dried chiles. All the top results on Google for “chili powder vs chile powder” clarify and support this.

Post time: Mar-17-2023